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It’s not too late to participate in MIPS!

Begin data collection by October 2, 2017 to be able to report for a full 90 day period.

The Merit-based Incentive Program, MIPS, is one of the two tracks in the Quality Payment Program. 2017 is the first year of MIPS and you can still participate in this transition year!

If you begin data collection by October 2nd, you will be able to achieve 90 consecutive days of participation for MIPS in this year.

There are three ways you can participate in MIPS in 2017. The first way is to submit data for the full year beginning January 1, through December 31, 2017. The second way is to submit data for any 90 consecutive day period in 2017. And the third way is to submit a minimal amount of data for 2017, collecting data for less than 90 days.

If you submit data for at least 90 days, you avoid the negative payment adjustment, and may be eligible for a positive payment adjustment.

You may submit data for less than 90 days, although the more data you submit the better chance you have of earning a positive payment adjustment. It is possible to collect data on any one day in 2017 and still avoid the negative payment adjustment.

You have until March 31, 2018 to submit your performance data for the 2017 MIPS transition year. Your payment adjustments will be reflected beginning in 2019.

*Reporting data for less than 90 days is not available for all reporting methods.

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