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About Vital Profits

Vital Profits focus is Revenue Cycle Management of medical practices. We are part of a nationwide network of billing and consulting companies.  We provide multiple services and tools to medical professionals including medical billing using a state of the art electronic medical record system, Medicare audit consulting, accounts receivables planning, and general business management consulting.


Our Mission

Vital Profits consists of well trained, certified healthcare billing professionals who provide real-time, web-based insurance claim processing and comprehensive billing services to the medical industry. We can streamline the receivables process and give the office staff more time to devote to patient care, thus increasing the bottom line for the doctor. Using our cloud based system, we will fulfill all of your medical billing needs off site. We will do our best work so that the financial purpose and goals of our clients find their proper and profitable end.

Our Founder
Vital Profits was started by Carri Garbus.  For 20 years Carri managed and billed for the podiatry practice owned by her husband and his partner.  In 2012 her  husband was injured and unfortunately forced into early retirement.  She felt there was a crucial need for the skills she had developed and excelled in over the years.  Carri wanted to continue helping providers collect the money for the services they performed and worked so hard for.  She recognized the demand to introduce a company that also offers many other necessary services for providers to help increase their overall practice revenue.  And so, Vital Profits emerged and has become a true force to be reckoned with for insurance companies who try to hold back on paying their providers what they deserve. They process commercial insurances, Medicare and Medicaid claims. Carri has proven ability in revenue collection for healthcare providers. She has created a company that is extremely detail orientated, resulting in accurate claim submission, has a low rejection rate and gets fast reimbursements.  Her expertise and cash flow solutions can help healthcare providers do what they really love to do, which is focus on the care of their patients.  She understands the challenges that doctors face in their daily work and strives to make their lives a little easier and without stressing about their practice revenue.
Why Vital Profits?
A medical billing service like Vital Profits can make your practice more streamlined and profitable.  With our solutions, your business will be able to increase cash flow substantially and immediately.  With a consistent cash flow, the physician and the staff will be more able to focus on patient care. We are dedicated to your success. Let us show you how you can benefit and increase your VITAL PROFITS!
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